Our Company Profile- Africanos Property Developers Limited

Our Company Profile- Africanos Property Developers Limited

Africanos Property Developers Limited is an established family-run business specializing in residential and commercial real estate in the city of Larnaca in Cyprus and its surrounding district. Being one of the leading developers on the island, Africanos has built up a solid local and international clientele spanning more than twenty years. 

Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Anastasis Anastasiou has combined his knowledge of real estate with the dedication and expertise of his sons, Mr. Themis and Mr. Panayiotis, and therefore what started as a small venture has flourished into a reputable organization with countless sales in first-class properties.

Africanos prides itself in its construction record, surpassing forty multi-residential projects that have been sold and completed together with the relevant property title deeds.

Our clients are guided through the purchasing process in an easy, open and understandable way and management strongly focuses on providing quality and reliable after-sales services to all clients. Browse through our website and search for your dream home - we have a wide database of villas, houses and apartments for sale in Cyprus.

Africanos business services are based on trust, honesty and open communication.

We are Your Local Property Developer!

   Meet The Management Team

Meet Our Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Anastasis (Tasos) Anastasiou, the Founder and Managing Director, having profound knowledge of the Cyprus property market established Africanos Property Developers Limited (“Africanos”) in the year 2001.

Since then, Mr. Anastasis has paved way to one of Larnaca ’s most well-known success stories. Africanos within a sixteen year period, has constructed over forty (40) multi-residential projects in the town and district of Larnaca. All properties have been completed, sold & delivered to happy clients and all properties have been issued with a separate property title deed.

Today Africanos is considered to be Larnacas leading Property Developing Company and is known for its reliable, high quality, honest and straightforward business dealings.

Mr. Anastasis secret to success is that he has always placed great emphasis on undertaking projects in prime locations, offering high premium quality properties at competitive prices, understanding clients’ needs and providing great after-sales services to clients.

Together with his two sons, Mr. Anastasis works very closely with architects and contractors to ensure that Africanos projects serve current client requirements and is committed to ensuring that property title deeds are issued for each property development.

Meet Our Head of Sales and Business Development

Mr. Themis Anastasiou, is a Chartered Accountant (A.C.A.)-member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a graduate of the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Accounting and Finance and a graduate of the American Academy High School in Larnaca, who oversees the management of Africanos. 

Together with the Africanos Team, Mr. Themis is responsible to incorporate existing and future client needs in current and future project designs in co-ordination with Mr.Panayiotis Anastasiou and his team of architects & contractors.  

Mr.Themis always dedicates a large part of his time listening to Africanos clients, solving their concerns and identifying the specific property which is a perfect match for each individual prospective client.

Mr.Themis supervises all dealings with the Cyprus Tax Office and Land Registry ensuring that all clients understand the process while dealing with any clients concerns immediately.

Using Africanos established, wide, diverse and reliable network of associates, Mr. Themis evaluates each prospective investment opportunitiy, develops sales strategies in order to generate new business development deals in the form of Joint-Ventures and Collaborations with every real estate local or foreign development company.

Africanos has strong relationships with all the major banks in Cyprus. Mr. Themis and his team guide all clients carefully through the various financing options by liaising with all credit institutions and offering his support at every step of the way.

Buying a property from Africanos is just the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship the Company has with its clients. Mr. Themis ensures that all clients receive the appropriate care and attention even after the property has been delivered into their possession. Together with the Africanos team, the Company is committed to providing an unparalleled level of personal service.

Meet Our Head of Operations, Design and Project Management

Mr. Panayiotis Anastasiou is a Civil and Structural Engineer (MEng), member of the Cyprus Technical Chamber (E.T.E.K.) and a graduate of the University of Manchester and oversees the operations of Africanos.

Mr. Panayiotis is responsible for overseeing the operations of all projects from conceptual design to delivery of each property to each client.

Closely liaising with architects, designers and contractors every clients requests are executed in an effortless and timely manner.

Mr.Panayiotis meticulously applies and follows-up all necessary permits required from local authorities with rigourous determination to ensure the succesfull issue of each individual property title deed, therefore ensuring that Africanos commitments to all clients are met - no matter the cost.

Managing all contractors and subcontractors, Mr.Panayiotis conducts close daily supervision of all construction works from project launch to delivery to all clients.

Mr.Panayiotis manages the operations of Joint Venture and foreign development colloborations ensuring all collobarations are brought to fruition in a smooth and timely manner.

Mr.Panayiotis and his team document and follow up all client requests for finishes (tiles, timber, granite, sanitary items and sanitary accessories) living up to Africanos Reputation of providing a first-class clients service!

Meet Our Head of Property Valuation and Surveying (R.I.C.S. Qualified)

Mrs. Georgia Anastasiou  is a Chartered Surveyor- a Member of the Institute of Royal Chartered Surveyor (R.I.C.S.), a member of the Cyprus Technical Chamber (E.T.E.K.), a graduate of the University of Kingston and a graduate of the American Academy High School. Mrs. Georgia with over ten years experience in property valuation is very familiar with property values in Larnaca and whether you are interested to purchase a property in Cyprus, looking to sell your current property or just want to know the value of your apartment, we can provide you with a current market valuation of the property.

Mrs.Georgia team will conduct an inspection of the property, including condition and age of the building, common areas, security, amenities, and recent renovations.

We also review the current homeowner’s charges, taxes and if possible determine possible improvements to the building that could potentially be assessed in the near term. The report is based on comparables of properties of the same size, location and/or amenities that have either been recently sold or are currently on the market. We add value to the expert’s valuation by virtue of our own base of knowledge in the areas of property consultation, finance, construction and renovation to render a valuation range consistent with the current market.

The scope of work for this evaluation is defined by:

  1. Inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the subject unit
  2. Inspection of the building and common areas
  3. Inspection of the neighborhood
  4. Research and analysis of data from reliable public and/or private sources, and recommendations and conclusions.

This evaluation report is to help you evaluate the property in the context of making an informed decision regarding purchase or other transaction related to the property.

Business Professional Associates

Mrs. Constantina Costas, Mrs.Skevi Kounna and Mrs.Ivelina Ivanova manage the after-sales and marketing of Africanos properties. Theirrole is to ensure that an excellent after service is provided to customers by meeting client needs upon request, a cornerstone of our Company's philospophy.  They ensure that clients are guided carefully through the property purchasing process and provides assistance in terms of furnishing a property and also deals with the selection of finishes in association with our interior designer and any- if at all - after sales complications.

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