Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

Africanos Property Developers Limited is committed to maintaining projects to the highest possible standard. With the Building Property Management already in place with the annual maintenance fees, our Company undertakes, in co-operation with our partners, the maintenance of all internal & external communal cleaning including gardens & pool area (where applicable) as well as the payment of communal utility bills, collection of maintenance fees and administration.

In addition to these we offer personalized property management services which have been designed to give homeowners peace of mind in knowing that their property is being maintained and monitored in their absence.

Property Management Services

Africanos Property Developers Limited, Property Management services include the following services:

  • Cleaning of the communal areas stairs, landings, lobby areas, elevator, parking, communal toilets & change rooms, all communal areas internally & externally
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance (where applicable)
  • General maintenance including repairs & refurbishing of Communal areas
  • Lift maintenance
  • Setting up of Fire & Build as well as Public Liability Insurance for the Communal areas
  • Setting up of personal apartment insurance upon request (this will be charged separately to the client)
  • Payment of Communal utility bills, including electric bills, water bills, maintenance bills etc
  • Administration of project accounts & statements
  • Collecting of Communal fees

Personalized Property Management Services

Africanos aims to offer an extensive personalized service to all the clients who have purchase & invested in property with our Company. All services can be tailored to the individual needs of the client & property:

1. Basic Property Management Services

These Services are popular for owners who are abroad & will require the property to be maintained & monitored in their absence. Some services include:


  • Airing of the apartment
  • Security Check
  • Post collection
  • Damp & leak check
  • Flushing of toilet

2. Cleaning of the apartment upon request

3. Refurbishing & Repairs

Being abroad it is difficult for owners to arrange any refurbishing or repairs that need to be carried out within the apartment. Our Company will undertake to liaise with the decorators & technicians. Clients will be informed of the costs prior to the works being carried out.

4. Furniture & Electric packs & Blinds

Our Company can provide personalised furniture, blinds & electrical packs according to the requests of the clients and the interior décor within the apartment. Tradesmen will be allowed access to the property by a member of our staff, and any liaising with the suppliers can be carried out through our Company.

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